Design of Experiments@Southampton

University of Southampton
A central composite design

Academic staff

Stefanie Biedermann (Associate Professor)

Sue Lewis (Emeritus Professor)

Research interests: Design and analysis of multi-factor experiments, including factorial design, design for generalised linear models and screening experiments.

Antony Overstall (Associate Professor)

Research interests: Fully Bayesian design; design for nonlinear models, generalised linear models and mixed models; design for model selection.

Dave Woods (Professor)

Research interests: Methodology for finding and assessing multi-factor designs for problems from science and industry.

Postdoctoral researchers

Sam Jackson

Research interests: Bayesian modelling and design for complex computational models.

Emily Matthews

Research interests: Design of experiments in stages and blocks.

Olga Egorvoa

Research interests: Compound criteria for optimal design of experiments.

PhD students

Sadiah Aljeddani

Research interests: statistical analysis of data from experiments with restricted randomisation; multiple testing procedures.

Stephen Gow

Research interests: Bayesian inference for computational models and sensitivity analysis.

Damianos Michaelides

Research interests: Bayesian optimal design for physical models with functional variables.

Mia Tackney

Research interests: experiments in the social and biomedical sciences and the intersection between design of experiments and causal inference.